Cambridge International Corpus

Cambridge International Corpus

Business English

The Cambridge Business English Corpus is 200 million word collection of written and spoken texts from, or relating to, the world of business.

The Corpus is drawn from a range of global sources and includes business meetings, minutes, reports, proposals, presentations, and articles.

 What's in the Cambridge Business English Corpus?

The Cambridge Business English Corpus is made up of two parts:

  • Spoken Business English – The Cambridge and Nottingham Spoken Business English Corpus (CANBEC) is a collection of spoken business English recorded in companies of all sizes, ranging from big multinational companies to small partnerships. Recordings include formal and informal meetings, presentations, conversations on the phone and in more informal settings.
  • Written Business English - reports, newspaper articles, proposals, tenders, journals and books.

How do we use the Cambridge Business English Corpus?

Cambridge use the Cambridge Business English Corpus to:

  • Study the way we use language in different business situations.
  • Identify specific vocabulary and expressions for business contexts.
  • Provide authentic examples of essential business written and spoken language


This means that you:

  • Learn the vocabulary and structures you need for your business situation.
  • Can be confident, natural and up-to-date when writing and speaking English at work or in your studies


The Cambridge Business English Corpus

was utilized in our new course:

Business Advantage


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