Applied Linguistics

Applied Linguistics

Placement Test

The Placement Test consists of three separate tests: oral, written, and objective. Teachers can use the Placement Test to determine the level of Connect best suited to their students. The three separate tests are:

  • A 60-item multiple-choice Objective Placement Test that tests language use, reading, and listening skills.
  • An Oral Placement Test that outlines an interview procedure for assessing and scoring students’ speaking skills.
  • A Written Placement Test that outlines a procedure for assessing and scoring students’ writing skills.

All three parts of the test are based on the objectives, content, and language taught in Connect.

The above three parts of the Placement Test may be given in any order. For example, if a large number of students need to be evaluated, they may be divided into groups and given different parts of the test in rotation.

If resources permit, it is recommended that one teacher be involved in the scoring of the Oral and Written Placement Tests. When multiple teachers are involved, the teachers should all agree on the final score.

Placement Procedure
Final placement is determined by adding together an individual student’s scores on the Objective, Oral, and Written Placement Tests. The total score on the three tests places the student at a given level according to the guidelines below.

Placement Test Scoring Guidelines
Combined Score* Placement
6–27 Connect 1
28–47 Connect 2
48–67 Connect 3
68–87 Connect 4
88+ Above Connect 4

*This is the combined score of the Objective, Oral, and Written Placement Tests.