Touchstone Online

Touchstone Online is a fully online course delivered to you via the Cambridge University Press Learning Management System (Cambridge LMS). The Learning Management System is a Web-based technology which provides interactive learning opportunities for students, and allows teachers to set up courses, monitor progress, generate reports, administer assessment, moderate collaborative learning, and create portfolios.

The Touchstone Online Course has been expertly designed to fully complement the Touchstone book-based classroom course. It is entirely aligned to the scope and sequence, as well as the learning outcomes, of the Touchstone classroom materials and, in particular, the Student’s Book. Learning outcomes, or objectives, state what the student will be able to do on completion of a lesson: they reflect the specific language points or skills which students will understand and successfully demonstrate at the end of the learning process.

The Touchstone Online Course is not merely a series of assignments delivered online for the purposes of automated language practice. Offering far more than the standard electronic components currently available, the Touchstone Online Course is a comprehensive program which takes learners through carefully structured and graded activity sets. An activity set is a group of activities made up of specifically staged tasks. This technique - known as scaffolding – provides students with the building blocks they need in order to develop their language ability in gradual steps, incorporating the key stages of illustration, induction, and interaction. The learning outcomes are based on the grammar, vocabulary and ‘can do’ statements implicit in each activity set.

Key Features

  • The Online Course offers hundreds of hours of interactive activities that follow the same, reliable course syllabus with the Print Course. This helps students achieve the same important learning outcomes whether the instruction is delivered in print (for classroom use), online (for self-study), or a combination of both.
  • Online access means instant access: anytime, anywhere. Students can study in a safe domain of their own, without having to wait for a computer to become available in the computer lab, or feeling frustated with faulty equipment.
  • Multimedia exercises provide a more varied and engaging learning experience. Students are motivated and in charge of their own learning experience. Audio and video role play activities provide opportunities for autonomous self-study.
  • Online Workbook integrated seamlessly together with the Online Course. All the content and the activities students need to acquire the language successfully is delivered in one place; the Cambridge LMS.
  • The Cambridge Learning Management System offers everything teachers need to completely manage and run a successful English language course, in one place, accessible anywhere there is an internet connection.

Online Workbook

Integrated seamlessly into the Online Course, the Online Workbook includes all of the exercises from the original print workbook and has been optimized for Web delivery. It has additional listening exercises and built-in reporting tools that allow teachers to check their students’ progress.

The Cambridge Learning Management System (Cambridge LMS)

The Cambridge Learning Management System (Cambridge LMS) is the hub of Touchstone Blended Learning. It is where students access online content, where teachers manage classes, where students, teachers, and administrators interact online. It is designed specifically to support language teaching and learning with every student activity tracked to individual learning outcomes, and is loaded with efficient, time-saving features for teachers; such as a calendar and student progress checker; teacher-to-student communication tools such as messages, announcements, and notifications; and student collaboration tools like blogs, forums, wikis, and voice tools.

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