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Cyber Homework

Cyber Homework is an interactive resource for teachers and students which allows students to complete and submit their homework online. It provides two sets of interactive exercises for every unit of the course, which teachers set according to their own schedule. They then receive the results for the entire class automatically – without doing any marking! It’s motivating for students to do their homework in this way, and teachers save valuable time.

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Cyber Homework contains exercises in:
  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Dialogue work
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Availability and Access

Cyber Homework is available as part of the Cyber Homework edition of the Student’s Book: View Components for Student’s Book with interactive CD-ROM with Cyber Homework. Each Student’s Book contains a unique code which allows students access to the online exercises for a period of 18 months. Registration for teachers is free.

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If you are a teacher using MORE!, you can register for Cyber Homework online free of charge. You will then set up class lists the first time you log on. It is possible to set up more than one class if necessary. Each student is automatically allocated a user name and password which you can then distribute. Either you or the student will need to enter their unique access code in order to activate the account.

You decide which set of Cyber Homework you want your class to complete, and the date to submit it by. Once students have completed it and the deadline has passed, results will appear automatically. You can check the results for the entire class at a glance or all the results for a particular student, and you can also look in detail at where students have made mistakes.
At any time you can send a message to one or all of your students.

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If you are a student with the Student’s Book with interactive CD-ROM with Cyber Homework, you can log on online using the access code on your CD-ROM and try out the exercises. The system won’t save your answers until you have a user name and password from your teacher.

When your teacher gives you a user name and password, you’ll be able to see what homework they want you to do, and when. When you’ve completed the homework, you can submit it to your teacher straight away.
If you want to send your teacher a message or ask a question, you can write one online too.

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