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Grammar and Beyond ensures success in the classroom and beyond with its unique combination of corpus-based information, direct application of grammar in all four skills, and ample opportunities for writing.

What Makes Grammar and Beyond Different?

Corpus-based information
The grammar presentations are based on a careful analysis of the billion-word Cambridge English Corpus, so students and teachers can be confident that the information represents real-world use.

Common mistakes sections
Students also learn how to avoid the most common mistakes and practice finding and correcting them. The information on common mistakes comes from the Cambridge Learner Corpus, which ensures that it represents actual student errors.

Writing practice in class
Every unit offers explicit application of the target grammar in writing. This allows students to practice using the grammar in their writing.

Writing skills development online
When you bundle your student books with Writing Skills Interactive, online software available in Blackboard, you give your students hours of automatically graded practice in vocabulary and writing skills.